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Creating a fantastic first impression sets the stage for a successful home sale journey. Marketing and presenting your home in its best ‘show-ready’ state attracts buyer interest, dramatically increases showings, and ultimately leads to a faster closing.  As a seller, you're a key player in achieving this goal.

 Properly preparing your home for the photo session helps Burke Multimedia capture elegant images that grab attention. Follow these simple steps to make your home shine for the photo session and buyer showings should soon follow. Please note that during the photographer's visit, items cannot be moved between rooms. Everything should be staged and photo-ready indoors and outdoors before our arrival. If your home needs a little more prep time before the scheduled photography appointment, don't worry. Just let us know by 5 pm the day before, and we'll arrange a new session. Let's work together to showcase your home in its best light!




Remove all clutter, including excessive decorative items, tissue boxes, remote controls, and as many personal photos and belongings as possible. Neatly arrange or hide wires from view. Floors should be swept, and carpets vacuumed. If large area rugs cover beautiful flooring, consider temporarily removing the rugs. Additionally, hide all children's toys and portable cribs.



Wipe down counters and stow away all small appliances in cabinets. Remove magnets and photos from the refrigerator, and hide sponges and soap dispensers. Remember to clear items from the top of the fridge and tuck away any throw rugs. Lastly, consider setting the table and/or adding a bottle of wine and glasses as a nice touch.



Make all beds and neatly arrange or hide children's toys. Vacuum or sweep all floors. Hide tissue boxes, personal items, excessive photos, remote controls, alarm clocks, wires, and phone chargers. The goal is to create a comforting and inviting atmosphere throughout the entire house. Double-check that all lamps have bulbs and are properly plugged in.



Hide all toiletries, including soap dispensers, toothbrushes, and cosmetics, even those within the shower area. Wipe down counters and remove throw rugs. Keep clean, folded towels in their usual spots. If any visible areas are dirty, ensure they are cleaned. Also, remember to stow away bathroom scales.



Make sure the lawn looks presentable; however, a fresh cut is not necessary. Roll up hoses and arrange outdoor furniture, including open umbrellas. Make sure trash cans are out of sight; either putting them in the garage or moving them to the street, as far away from the front of the house as possible.



Right before your Burke Multimedia shoot, ensure all interior lights are switched on, blinds are open, and ceiling fans are turned off. Replace any bulbs that are out and accessible. Additionally, please remove all vehicles from the driveway and do not park in front of the house.


The laundry room or garage makes for a great temporary hiding spot for items that you need to quickly make disappear for the shoot. If there is not enough room in those spaces please hide additional items in closets or under beds. Remove seasonal decorations if possible.

REMEMBER: Everything in the room will be captured in the photo, so remove any valuable items you don't want visible.

Your Burke Multimedia photographer will be happy to walk through the home with you before the shoot; however, they only make light staging suggestions and micro-adjustments. Moving items from room to room is not an option while the photographer is there; everything needs to be moved ahead of time. Thank you for allowing us to photograph your home—we're excited for you to see the final media!

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